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Professional Heat Pump Cleaners

Serving Southern Maine

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Why Call Us?

Keeping your heat pump clean will:

  • Improve your heat pumps efficiency, saving you money on electrical bills 

  • Prevent costly repair bills 

  • Keep your air fresh, dust free, and most importantly, mold free​

  • Protect your system from springing leaks caused by high pressure

  • Allow your heat pump to heat and cool more effectively 


What We Do

We specialize in servicing heat pumps, Whether it be a deep cleaning or repair we've got you covered!


With years of experience under our belts, you can count on us for a seamless routine cleaning or a skilled repair! 

Common Questions

"How do I know if my heat pump needs to be cleaned?"

         We recommend getting your heat pump cleaned once a year. Its very common for heat pumps to be as dirty as this one without the homeowner even knowing!

"Is a heat pump cleaning the only maintenance I need to get done?"

         Cleaning your heat pump is the biggest and most important part of yearly maintenance. Have no fear, our service package includes everything your heat pump needs each year. 


Our Top Service Brands

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